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Career Journey

A conversation with Angela Dailey.

Is there a matter or case you worked on that you found particularly rewarding or interesting?

I’ve seen a lot in my more than 30 years of work. Serving high-net-worth clients (worth $50 million or more) is pretty fascinating and sometimes presents the most interesting challenges. For example, I worked on a tax filing for a $1.5 billion estate. We discovered that the IRS doesn’t accept checks for more than $100 million, so we had to submit two on our client’s behalf.

What is one thing that makes Husch Blackwell special?

The team I work with – they are very gracious, bright and ambitious – and our clients. I serve some really interesting people around the country – from families who own car dealerships around the nation to athletes and actors. We do such sophisticated, cutting-edge work for them.

What is your advice for a new hire?

In order to better your career, learn not only as much as you can from your team members, but from those in other areas of law. For example, I’ve had projects that have spanned corporate and real estate. Learning from your colleagues outside of your own team makes you more well-rounded and valuable to others. Oftentimes, clients will ask me general questions outside of my area. I know enough to answer some basics, but then will connect them with other Husch Blackwell professionals whom I know can provide more in-depth  assistance.