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Career Journey

A conversation with Jameson Watts.

What is one thing that makes Husch Blackwell special?

Husch Blackwell places significant emphasis on developing its associates to become successful lawyers.  Whether it’s through client development initiatives, an internal mock trial program, or external speaking and writing opportunities, the firm is always encouraging associates to grow professionally.

Why have you chosen to make your career at Husch Blackwell?

The firm gives associates the necessary tools to develop their practice into whatever they want it to become.  I also genuinely enjoy the people at Husch Blackwell, whether they are in our local Austin office or halfway across the country.

What is your advice for a new hire?

Don’t be shy about letting people know if you’re interested in their particular practice area or getting more experience in your own specialty. Supervising attorneys will generally allow you to take on as much responsibility as you are comfortable with and will look for opportunities if you express an interest.