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Career Journey

A conversation with Sylvia Bachmann.

What is one thing that makes Husch Blackwell special?

Husch Blackwell’s core values naturally encourage community spirit. Like family, we may not always agree with each other on specific topics, but we come together as a group for important events and initiatives, and rise to the occasion to help each other personally and professionally. The genuine willingness and desire to participate fuels the firm and makes it a special place to work.

What is your advice for a new hire?

Take time to sincerely get to know your co-workers personally. Having colleagues by your side helps to ease the stress of deadlines and strain of long projects. At the same time, it is nice to celebrate work-related victories and accomplishments with them.

How does Husch Blackwell encourage your potential and professional development?

Husch Blackwell has recognized and supported my professional interests, leadership strengths and community advocacy. In doing so, Husch Blackwell has given me the freedom and empowerment to participate in, develop and lead various programs, initiatives and committees within the firm. These opportunities have fostered a variety of interesting and engaging learning experiences for me.

Sylvia Bachmann

Executive Assistant