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Thought Leadership

National Association of College and University Attorneys, October 12, 2018, Vol. 17 No. 1



October 12, 2018

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Higher Education 

Key Issues in Managing Data Breach Risk in Higher Education: Practical Tips for Before, During, and After

Sandra A. Brown, Esquire, and Scott D. Schneider

Colleges and universities are known for innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. These qualities contribute to U.S. economic growth, yet these same qualities expose institutions to great risk of theft of sensitive information and intellectual property. Colleges and universities store sensitive student and personnel records as well as financial records and data that have significant value, in addition to valuable intellectual property from cutting-edge research. Moreover, many institutions operate medical schools and health centers, storing personally identifiable health records. Hackers, identity thieves, and, unfortunately, malicious insiders increasingly see colleges and universities as potential "gold mines" because of the sensitive data and intellectual property they store.

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