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Capabilities / Employment Class & Collective Actions

Employment Class & Collective Actions

Paying employees: It's complicated.

Husch Blackwell helps clients avoid costly wage-and-hour claims. Our team advises on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and analogous state statutes involving worker classification, off-the-clock claims, compensation structures, overtime pay and independent contractors. By auditing clients’ existing policies and practices, we address potential liabilities before they become lawsuits.

When clients face investigations and audits by the Department of Labor (DOL) or other government agencies, our attorneys review records, prepare managers and witnesses, and negotiate with investigators. If a claim or suit does occur, our experienced litigators step in immediately as fierce advocates to achieve the best outcome possible—whether that means persuading opposing counsel to delay or drop a suit, settling quickly or fighting in the courts.

Our wage and hour guidance to clients includes:

  • Class and collective actions
  • Misclassification claims
  • Department of Labor audits
  • Internal investigations
  • Tipped workers
  • Donning and doffing
  • Travel time
  • Rounding
  • Automatic meal period deductions
  • Regular rate of pay
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Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order

This impact will also be significant because non-exempt Colorado employees are entitled to overtime for workdays in excess of 12 hours, which is not a requirement under federal law. 

Legal Updates | March 13, 2019
Here We Go Again: DOL Releases Proposed Salary Increase for Overtime Exception

After the Obama Administration proposals to increase the salary threshold to qualify for exempt status were halted, the Trump Administration spent two years formulating its version of changes.

When we were hit with a complex web of wage and hour class actions, Husch Blackwell was the natural choice. The team’s expertise in the substantive legal issues, combined with the investment they made to develop a deep knowledge of our business, has made them a uniquely effective litigation partner.

Carey L. Bartell, Vice President, Chief Counsel – Legal & Government Affairs, Conagra Brands Inc.